Getting started

Do you want to create a unique bookcase? It's easy with Imotiu!


Design a unique bookcase...

1.  Select the type of furniture.

Click on "design furniture" and choose the piece of furniture to create: CUBS, ELÈCTRIC, PEGMA, ANGLES, ONA or KAME.

2. Create a unique piece of furniture with the Imotiu furniture generator

The wizard will help you choose the settings of your piece of furniture and a 3d view will be generated.

3. Submit your order

Click the "Buy Now!" or "Save" buttons. If you are not registered, you will have to identify yourself. The order will be sent to Imotiu and in a short time the pieces of furniture and a technical document will be generated.

The furniture generator allows you to create Imotiu bookcases in a very easy way.

...and we'll manufacture it!

4. You will recieve a mail with all technical details.

The mail will also contain the details to proceed with payment and confirm your order.

5. Confirm your purchase

Once the payment is done, your order will be confirmed and we will proceed with fabrication. Each imotiu bookcase is a unique piece that is custom manufactured.

6.home delivery of furniture

In a short time your piece of furniture will be delivered to you. You will recieve all pieces, hardware necessary and custom instructions to assemble it yourself.



Do you want us to assemble your bookcase?

The Imotiu  products come disassembled with all necessary hardware and a custom assembly instructions. In case you don't fell like doing any work there is a home assembly service available.

We also design on command!

If you want to make a special request, please contact us here.


Genera el teu moble!Create your imotiu bookcase