About Imotiu

Imotiu is an online platform for the creation of generative furniture.

With the Imotiu wizard you can create and view online 3D design furniture. Select a furniture type, modify the settings, choose the color and visualize in 3D your furniture design.

Design your furniture!

Choose the size

Make furniture that fits exactly the space you want. You can adjust the furniture to the centimeter!

Create unique furniture

Every piece of furniture is unique. We guarantee that the furniture you purchase won't be reproduced again!

It's very easy!

Any person can make a piece of furniture  tailored to their needs with  very original design!

Design online

Create your furniture from home, no need to load any software!

Check price as you design

The imotiu assistant adjusts the price of the furniture you design on the go.

Save your creations

Register to save your designs in your account and go back to them whenever you want!

What is generative design?

This is a method where the design production is generated by a set of rules or an algorithm, usually using a computer program. Taking this idea, in Imotiu we've created the 'DNA' of the furniture, so that you can customize it to your needs, and we have added a factor of randomness in the process to create unique pieces each time!

Create furniture and become a designer

Using the imotiu furniture generator to design pieces of furniture you are part of the creative process.

Generate thousands of different desings!

There is no end: you can generate thousands of different furniture at the touch of a button. Simply decide which you like best!

Avant-garde Design

The generative design is a totally new paradigm of desing that is transforming the current design scene.

DIGITAL fabrication

Furniture imotiu is possible thanks to advanced design systems and digital production. The same designs you generate in your computer are sent to CNC machines to cut the pieces. Being a digitized process, that includes mechanized production, accuracy and finish of the product is high quality.


Imotiu S.L. is a company based in Valencia, an area with a long tradition in furniture making. The initiative to create this company comes from Pau Ginés, an architect and designer with studies in Biodigital architecture. Interested in the field of generative design, since 2009 he began to work, along with a team of computer scientists, in the development of tools to design furniture through an online platform. At present Imotiu is associated to local companies specialized in numerical control manufacturing and furniture construction, uniting tradition, experience, innovation and constant experimentation.